Web costs

With our cost structure, its easy to work out how much it will cost to develop and host your website requirements.

There are basically three parts to make a website live:

  • The domain name
  • The development of the website
  • The hosting of the website and emails

The example below gives a good indication of typical website costs.

Average cost of .co.uk domain
(charged every 2 years)
£24.00 £24.00
Domain management fees
(charged every 2 years for
co.uk domains)
£30.00 £30.00
Design and develop website (one time
charge per page)
Hosting charges for website &
5 email accounts.
(charged every year)
Cost to develop and host new
website .
(including domain charges for
first year)
Total cost
Total cost
All prices are correct November 2019
but are subject to change
Please contact us for latest prices

1) The domain name is the part after the www. For example one2onewebdesign.co.uk is the domain for this website. The cost of the domain varies depending on the end part i.e. .co.uk, .com, .org and so on.

A basic .co.uk domain typically costs about £24 and needs to be renewed every two years.
A basic .com domain  typically costs about £40 to £50 depending on domain name and needs to be renewed every year.
We charge £30 to manage and setup the domain name for you or you can do this yourself.

2)  We develop the website for you at a cost of £95 per page. For this you can have a combination of text and images along with slideshows or a range of various effects. Each website is developed from scratch to meet your specific requirements.

Once the website is completed and paid for you own the copyright for the website.

We can update, add, amend, the site as required or we can setup a Content Management system (CMS) to allow you to update various parts of your website.

3) All our websites are hosted on a web server farm based in Manchester.
The hosting charges are tiered and are as follows

Number of pagesHosting cost per year
1 page £30
2 to 5 pages £60
6 to 12 pages £120.

The hosting company provided 99.99% up time / service availability. 
You can have as many email addresses you like, but normally business have one or two email addresses.

All prices are correct November 2019 but are subject to change

Please contact us for latest prices

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